Kensington Blog interviews local creativista Gideon Kendall

Dino Pets illustration by Gideon Kendall, author: Lynn Plourde, publisher: Dutton/Penguin

Neighbors and colleagues, the Kensington, Brooklyn blog interviewed the multi-talented Kensington resident Gideon Kendall. And my neck of the woods get a mention:
KB: Do you draw any inspiration from the neighborhood?
GK: Absolutely. In Dino Pets, all of the houses and scenery are based on Ditmas Park [Victorian Flatbush].
- Local Spotlight: Gideon Kendall, Kensington, Brooklyn, 2008-01-08
Must ... have ... Dino Pets ...
Raptors on gables - DO NOT WANT!

I'm not aware of any exact match for the houses in the illustrations, but it's easy to see the influences in the neighborhood. Check out these examples from Prospect Park South.

170 Stratford Road, Prospect Park South
170 Stratford Road, Prospect Park South

1203 Albemarle Road, prospect Park South
1203 Albemarle Road

143 Buckingham Road, Prospect Park South
143 Buckingham Road

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