Reminder: Mulchfest 2009 is underway

MorBark in action at Park Circle, Prospect Park during Mulchfest 2008
MorBark Action Shot

This is a reminder that Mulchfest, NYC's recycling program for holiday trees, has begun. Your tree will be chipped and used as mulch in parks and gardens across the city. All trees must be free of lights, stands, ornaments, tinsel, and so on.

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Starting last Thursday, New Year's Day, you can drop trees off at Greenwood Cemetery.

Starting tonight, you can leave trees out for curbside pickup. Blog Widow and I dismantled out tree earlier this evening and set it out.

And on Mulchfest weekend, January 10 and 11, you can drop off trees at sites throughout the city. You can also pick up free mulch at chipping sites.

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