R.I.P. Astroland, R.I.H. Thor Equities

Happier Days, September 2007
Gregory & Paul's, Boardwalk, Astroland Park

I just read on the New York Times that Astroland has been physically dismantled.
Astroland closed last year. The Albert family, which opened the park in 1962, still owns the fixtures but not the land, which it sold. Now, the property must be vacated. It is subject to a rezoning measure and may eventually be redeveloped by Thor Equities, though probably not in the foreseeable future.
- Blasting Off From the Coney Island Boardwalk, David W. Dunlap and Ann Farmer, City Room, New York Times
Rest In Peace, Astroland.

Rot In Hell, Thor Equities.

Here are some of my images of Coney Island in recent years.

Serving Up


Kiddie Rides, Coney Island

Flume Ride, viewed from Astroland Tower

Pink Dragon, Coney Island


Break Dance


Gay Pirate
Gay Pirate, Coney Island

Feed Me
Piggy Trash Can, Coney Island

Scary disco clown
Scary Clown

Disturbingly racist bee
Disturbing Bee

The End

Sunset Over Coney Island, April 2006

"The Future of Coney Island"
The Future of Coney Island

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