Will the Flatbush Loew's Kings Theatre finally be saved?

Updates, 2010-02-03: Added more links and images.

Loew's Kings Theatre, Flatbush Avenue, Flatbush, October 2007
Kings Theater, Flatbush Avenue

From today's NY Times City Room:
A developer has signed an agreement, made a down payment on a $70 million renovation of the Kings and plans to turn it back into a functioning entertainment venue, this time presenting live performances, city officials said Tuesday.
- Crumbling Movie Palace Finds an Angel
Loew's Kings Theatre Exterior Then and Today. Credit: NYC EDC
Loew's Kings Theatre Exterior Then and Today

For some amazing photos of the interior, see marioletto's Flickr set.
After a four year process -– and many false starts — the city has selected a company based in Houston, ACE Theatrical Group, to renovate and operate the theater. It would be, once again, the biggest indoor theater in Brooklyn and would host 250 concerts, theatrical performances and community events annually, officials said.
Detail, Frieze, Kings Theater, Flatbush Avenue
Under the terms of the agreement, ACE Theatrical Group will restore the theater to its original French Renaissance-style and expand its stagehouse to accommodate modern shows. Live performances may include theatrical productions, dance and performing arts presentations and musical and comedy shows, as well as community events. The design phase of the project will begin immediately. Construction is expected to begin in two to three years and take approximately two years to complete. According to the EDC, the project will create 530 construction jobs and 50 permanent jobs, not including individual production personnel.
- Loew’s Kings To Be Transformed Into ‘Wonder Theater’ Once Again, Brooklyn Eagle, 2010-02-03
Detail, Frieze, Kings Theater, Flatbush Avenue

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Loew’s Kings To Be Transformed Into ‘Wonder Theater’ Once Again, Brooklyn Eagle, 2010-02-03
Crumbling Movie Palace Finds an Angel, NY Times City Room, 2010-02-02

NYCEDC and Brooklyn Borough President Seek Redevelopment of Former Loew's Kings Theater, NYC EDC Press Release, 2006-09-28

RFP for Restoration of Loew's Kings Theatre, NYC Economic Development Corporation


Les said...

Quite a broken down palace, I hope that everything goes as planned and it becomes the gem it once was. Thanks for sharing the links.

Weeping Sore said...

What a lovely place. It looks like the eccentric castle of a mad rich prince who wants to marry me. And handsome, did I say handsome?

Eloise said...

Oh god. More gentrification.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Les: I look forward to seeing the interior.

WS: Movie "palace"!

Eloise: I'm sure only gentry prefer a vibrant center for performing arts to a brooding, rotting hulk.

Eloise said...

That is not true Xris!

Of course I do not like blight but I also know the awful effects of gentrification. Long standing businesses are pushed out as well as long-term residents. Minorities are usually always on the short end of the stick when it comes to "redevelopment projects." Let's just hope the Loew's theatre renovation bucks the gentrification trend.

Please cite the last time that "redevelopment projects" positively affected BLACKS AND BROWNS.