Fall Approaches, 2009

September Dogwood, Beverly Road, Flatbush, Brooklyn, 2009September Dogwood

My clear signal for the onset of Spring is the blooming of Snowdrops, Galanthus species. The reddening leaves of Dogwoods, Cornus species, tell me that Fall has really begun in my neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Soon to come are the yellows of the Locust trees, Gleditsia and Robinia species, and the psychedelic rainbows of White Ash, Fraxinus americana. The big show is put on by the Maples and Oaks.

Conditions are ideal for spectacular foliage this year. We've had ample rains over the summer following near-record Spring rains. The NY State Foliage Forecast predicts that peak foliage will reach New York City around the last week of October. This timing couldn't be more perfect. On Saturday, October 24, fellow gardener Tracey Hohman and I will be guiding the first Fall Foliage Street Tree Walking Tour for Sustainable Flatbush. We'll be walking the same route we've visited the past two Springs, so participants can see the same trees this Fall that they've seen in the Spring.

Sustainable Flatbush Street Tree Walking Tour, Arbor Day 2009. That's me in the middle, next to the tree. Photo by Keka

Brilliant, near-peak foliage will make its first appearance in New York State this weekend in parts of the Adirondacks, while rapidly changing colors in the Catskills will bring most of the region to around the midpoint of change ...
- I Love NY Fall Foliage Report, week of September 23-29


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TT said...

Looking forward to checking out the Fall Foliage walk! Please check out my video on Park(ing)Day at Cortelyou Road. http://blogs.journalism.cuny.edu/interactive2010/2009/09/28/parking-daycortelyou-road/

~ Teresa Tomassoni, CUNY Grad School of Journalism

EAL said...

Your neighborhood looks great! I see that we in Buffalo are not close to full color yet, but I knew that already.

MTJ said...

Ok, I know I should notice the leaves, but really, it looks like a) you have something on your head besides a hat, and b, the guy in back has something on his mind (where IS his OTHER hand...) besides seasonal color. LOL.
PS. I have aquired some color myself in the form of a yarn store named Joseph's Coat!

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I am embarrassed to admit that the hand on rear part of the photo is the one I zoned in on right away. I'm just glad I wasn't the first to notice it.

Still, they are all great photos! Wish I could have joined in on the walk. Any chance you'll come out to SP? :)