Media, PBS: design:e2 (the economies of being environmentally conscious)

... the series introduces us to the inventive leaders and technologies
driving sustainable practices worldwide in the design of buildings where we
live, work, and play.

The first episode, "The Green Apple," [ie: New York City] demonstrates
how the ubiquitous skyscraper can surprisingly be a model of environmental
responsibility. In the second episode, architect and activist Sergio
Palleroni continues his mission to provide design solutions to humanitarian
crisis regions. “The Green Machine” follows Mayor Richard M. Daley as he strives
to make Chicago “the greenest city in America.” The fourth episode takes
the notion of the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) to grand proportions by
turning Boston’s “Big Dig” waste into spectacular residential design.
“China: from Red to Green?” depicts a country at its tipping point and finds a
sustainable solution in Steven Holl’s Beijing project. The final episode,
“Deeper Shades of Green,” presents some of the most remarkable visionaries who
are changing the face of architecture and environmentalism: Ken Yeang, Werner
Sobek and William McDonough. Check your local
to find out when these episodes will air on your PBS station.

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I have seen all 6 parts of the series and it is just amazing.

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Your blog is so interesting, and i'll check back to read more of it when I have time. I'm new at blogging and can learn from you.
Your photos are great too.
Thanks for sharing.