Marie's Garden, Saratoga, NY, August 26, 2006

[Updated 2006.08.29, 07:20 EDT: Added descriptions to remaining images. Added link to Bug Guide.]

Some beauty shots for my photo fans. All photos were taken this past Saturday, August 26 in Marie's garden in Saratoga in upstate New York. The link on this post will take you to the flickr photo set of these pictures.

The following four images of insects are all cropped down from the original full frame to zoom in on the detail. I browsed and searched the photos on Bug Guide to identify the beetles.

Stiretrus anchorago, Anchor Stink Bug, on Goldenrod, Front ViewStiretrus anchorago, Anchor Stink Bug, on Goldenrod, Rear View
Stiretrus anchorago, Anchor Stink Bug, on Goldenrod, front and rear views. This guy was moving rapidly over the stalks, dipping his proboscis into each individual flower. I presume he/she/it was feeding on nectar from the flowers.

Megacyllene robiniae, Locust Borer, on Goldenrod
Megacyllene robiniae, Locust Borer, on Goldenrod. I apologize for this one being out of focus. This guy was also moving very quickly around on the goldenrod. This was the best shot I got.

Death in the Garden
Death in the garden. Taking a cue from Bev's Phymata post, this stationary fly caught my eye. Not to mention that none of his/her/its feet were actually resting on the plant. This was a difficult depth-of-field situation. Again, I took several different shots with the focus on different plane in the image. This one gave me the best results overall, though parts are still clearly out of focus.

The rest of these images are presented full frame and unedited.


Bark of Silver Maple
Silver maple bark with lichens.

Lichen on Rock
Lichen on a rock.

Black Walnut Foliage
Black walnut leaflets. Only these leaflets at the end of the leaf had turned red. The rest of the tree was still green.


lisa said...

You got some very nice shots! As for the dead fly pic: to me, the out-of-focus areas draw the eye to the main subject. I'd like to know what has ahold of the fly, because I think I see another set of legs....spider, perhaps?

Carol said...

Are those leaves from a sumac? Red already?

bev said...

Nice insect photos, Xris. Love that stinkbug -- what a beauty! Don't you just love the patterning on the Locust borer? It's among my favourites as insects go.

Kati said...

wonderful photos, Xris. That link to bug info is going to be really useful to me and I thank you for that!