Debut on Good Planets are Hard to Find

I've just made my debut on today's issue of Good Planets are Hard to Find. Good Planets was started by Robin and Roger on their blog Dharma Bums. These week it's hosted by Pam on her blog Tortoise Trail.

Good Planets collects photographs from all over the world submitted by contributors. I submitted one photograph each from four different blog posts over the past month. The photos below are linked to their Flickr photo page, where you can view the image at different resolutions. The captions are linked to the blog posting for the photograph. You can view the Flickr set of all related photos either from the photo page or the blog entry.

Looking Glass FallsLooking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Virginia CreeperVirginia Creeper, North Carolina Arboretum

LlamaLlama, NY State Sheep & Wool Festival

Goldfish and LilypadsGoldfish and Lilypad, Brooklyn Botanic Garden


TDharma said...

lovely photos - I caught them on Good Planets. Isn't it great to see such beauty from all over the world?

This California gal has actually been to Flatbush! Your blog is interesting reading.

robin andrea said...

I am so glad you contributed to Good Planets. I love watching it expand and grow more beautiful every week.

I have also spent time in Flatbush! I have dear family and friends living in brooklyn. It's nice to know you're gardening there.