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Update 2010.01.03: Removed all links to the old Gowanus Lounge domain, which has since been appropriated by some parasitic commercial site.

I recently lamented about the backlog of stuff I want to write and post, but for which I just don't have the time. What holds me up is that I don't want to just post a lot of "read this" links. I want most of this blog to be my original content, in the form of photos, commentary, opions, experiences, and so on. But I find I'm adding 5 or more "draft" entries to my blog every day. I can't write that fast. I can barely read that fast. How can I best share that information?

While this blog will not devolve into simply being a list of redirects to other blogs, I want to find a way to share interesting and relevant links, resources, articles, news and other content, without needing to comment on all of it. I think I - and you, dear readers - can tolerate the occasional list of links.

Here's the first list:


The County Clerk said...

Hey Xris, I think I recognize your sensitivity to becoming a "list poster" and I get it. Here's the thing: you aren't.

Another thought is that blogs are not supposed to be final destinations. Blogs lead to blogs. It is, at best, the democratization of publishing whereby likeminded people help each other find target materials. Blogging, at its best, removes the marketing middleman of publishing. We read what we want... not because it is on the big table by the front door but because those others who we read help us.

Post your lists.

I'm probably not "into" everything that you are. But I'm here. Post what you want. I'll decide if I follow the links or not.

You are fine.

chuck b. said...

This way of sharing works for me just fine.

The Nat'l Geo sight isn't working right now...I tried googling it up, but none of their sites are working right now.

I'm definitely coming back for that one tomorrow.

lisa said...

Personally, I enjoy your informative posts and links, and I think that your blog should be about whatever the heck you want it to at any given moment! I find your blog to be far more intellectual than mine, yet warm and personal too. My blog is a simple, pure recreation deal...mostly because my job can be mentally exhausting, and I'm a tad un-savvy with my computer skills for linking and the like. But I really enjoy visiting your blog for education and links to cool stuff, because a lot of what you like, I like as well. You just take the fun stuff to a new level...but if it becomes a source of stress or anxiety for you, then what's the point? I say just "blog-on with your bad self"! ;)