Happy Halloween!

[2006.11.01 18:00 EST: Linked to The Farm.]
[2006.11.01 16:00 EST: Described t-shirt text.]
[2006.10.31 23:00 EST: Updated with photos from the rest of the evening. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!]

It was a great day. I walked to the subway through the cemetery at Trinity Church. There was a magnificent sunset. Over 330 trick-or-treaters. All candy gone. We went out to dinner at The Farm at on Adderley on Cortelyou Road, where most of the staff and many guests, including me, were in costume.

DSC_3174Over 33 pounds and 1,695 pieces of candy: $50 (estimated)

Wigs, makeup, ghoul teeth: $60 (approximate)

Seeing small children freeze in shock and hearing their shrieks of gleeful terror as they look up at your hideous face:

DSC_3197The t-shirt has a drawing of a leering devil on it. The text reads: God's busy. Can I help you?



christin m p in massachusetts said...

Happy Halloween, Xris
I wasn't sure if this would fit better in today's post or your October 23rd one... In celebration of Halloween and witches and other assorted fantasy characters -- and also in honor of the best music for accompanying fantasy anything:

Dark Side of the Rainbow

chuck b. said...

Great pics!

Unknown said...

Wonderful pics... and oh how I love that gargoyle. I really need to get one of those to menacingly look down from my second story windows!