NY Sheep & Wool Festival, October 21, 2006

[2006.11.08 12noon EST: Major overhaul. I just moved each section of photos to their own pages. See notes below.]

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[2006.10.22 15:20 EDT: Added photos of "The Scene", Musicians, Goats, Llamas and Alpacas.]
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Thanks to Bev Wigney of Burning Silo, I decided to move each section of photos to their own page, instead of keeping everything in one huuuuge page. Each of the links in this table of contents will take you to a page with just those photos. At the bottom of each page you'll find a link to the "Previous" and "Next" sections, and a link back to the "Table of Contents," this page. As before, each photo on each page links to the Flick page for that photo.

  1. The Scene
  2. Musicians
  3. Goats
  4. Llamas and Alpacas
  5. Sheep Dog Trials
  6. Broom-making
  7. Hand-spinning
  8. Yarn and Stuff
  9. Blanket and Broomstick
These are most of the photos from my Flickr set of the Festival. In the Flickr set, they're simply listed in the order they were taken, without any explanations. The photos are also geotagged on Flickr, so you can see where they were taken on the fairgrounds.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't know what to do with all of that yarn, either, but I just know I would have bought some! What great pictures, and what a neat festival. Did you try one of those deep-fried pickles, by the way? I can't decide whether that sounds amazingly good or amazingly gross...

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

We didn't buy any yarn, but we did buy a blanket. In addition to that and the afore-mentioned broom, we also some artisan cheese (yummy! sharp and dry), and two sweatshirts, one for each of us.

I purposely left most of my cash at home so I wouldn't load up with even more stuff. I easily could have.

And I did not try the pickle, discretion being the better part of valor, and all that.

Unknown said...

Given the choice, I would have taken my daily calories (maybe all of them) in the form of artisan cheese rather than deep-fried pickle, too. :)

When you post pictures of the broom, will you show the blanket, too?

lisa said...

Cool post! Thanks for sharing the pics. Even though I grew up with horses as pets, I gotta say those llamas look like they're gonna reach out and bite somebody any minute-and NOT feel bad about it!

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I just created a new post with photos of the broom and blanket.

Anonymous said...

Super photo-story, Xris. I was hoping you would make it to this year's wool festival after seeing your photos from last year's event. I used to keep both dairy and Angora goats (had a large herd for many years), and am a spinner, so was looking forward to visiting the festival through your photos -- and they're terrific!

Val said...

Great photos. And nice to see things the same the world over. Even though I live in Dorset, UK - my sheep (yes one, I only have an acre of land) is a Suffolk cross Clun. And I spin his fleece too, and my wheel is called a Wee Peggy and looks quite similar to Sunny's. I tried dyeing it once with elderberries, but the colour hasnt stayed strong over the years.

I have a similar but smaller broom, brought back from Japan on my last visit. The handle is much shorter as I had to get in easily in a suitcase! Just right for sweeping fallen leaves between the pots on the patio.