Comment Moderation Temporarily Enabled

Update 2007.10.13: Hydroponics spam continues. Comments remain moderated. Permanently, I suspect.
Update 2007.10.10: Today it's hydroponics spam. Comments remain moderated.

Due to Costa Rican spammers (you don't want to know), I have to temporarily enable comment moderation for the blog. In compensation, I've also temporarily turned off word verification (CAPTCHA) for new comments.

They're following the usual spammer pattern: they target posts that are at least a year old, put in some boiler-plate text about "how wonderful your blog is", followed by a link to the spam site. Easily recognizable, but a pain in the @$$.

We'll see how long this takes to settle down ...

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Anne said...

yes, spam blog commenters have arrived in full force. i have to moderate all my comments now due to many many visits from "digital glamour photography" and the like.