Good Place for a Haunting #2

1305 Albemarle Road

This is 1305 Albemarle Road in the landmarked district of Prospect Park South. The ground floor alone has the square footage of our entire house. It's the largest house in a neighborhood of huge homes. That alone qualifies it as a "monster house."

But my favorite feature, for this post: check out the windows on the second floor balcony and dormer:


I'm out of town this week, so I'm "phoning it in". If I was home, I would get some detail shots of the 2nd floor and dormer windows. Instead, here are a couple of other views. Visit the Flickr photo pages where you can view these images at their largest sizes and see the windows more clearly.

1305 Albemarle Road

1305 Albemarle Road

1305 Albemarle Road

[where: 1305 Albemarle Road, Brooklyn, NY, 11226]


lisa said...

That's one beautifully spooky house!

Ewa said...

This house is awsome! if you need an inspiration for conservatory - here it is! Thanks for sharing!

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

lisa: The Forsythia detracts from the spookiness, I think! Needs more somber, shadowy evergreens for that.

ewa: Check out Conservatory Envy.