"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" (Lost Cat)

Romeo, a Cat
Romeo, a Cat

A neighbor is on the lookout for their cat, Romeo:

Romeo, our much loved small (only 8-9lbs.) male gray and white cat is
missing--now over 2 days. He has no collar and frequents the backyards
between Albemarle/Church and Westminster/Argyle...any sightings?
- message posted to Flatbush Family Network

We've been trying to socialize a litter of three kittens that appeared in our backyard over the summer. So we've been on the lookout for strange cats. We think we've seen this little guy on our property, a block away. We'll keep a special lookout for him.

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lisa said...

Aw geez, I hope they find him! Feral/runaway cats probably fare better there than here...seems eagles, coyotes, and other predators regularly dine on wayward pets here.