Susan Siegel Resigning as E.D. of FDC

Susan Siegel, Executive Director of the Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC), announced today that she is resigning from her position, effective November 15:
... after three wonderful years serving as the Executive Director of Flatbush Development Corporation I have decided that it's time for a change. Resigning was a difficult decision for me because I love my neighborhood and our mission. The past three years have literally flown by because of all the remarkable challenges and opportunities that we have met together. It has been an honor and privilege to grow and evolve with FDC every step of the way.
- via FDC Online Yahoo group (moderated, membership required)
For those who don't know FDC, it's an important neighborhood institution. In addition to sponsoring the well-known and popular annual Flatbush Frolic and Victorian Flatbush House (and sometimes Garden) Tour, they also organize housing workshops and programs for Flatbush' large immigrant communities, such as ESL financial literacy. They're involved in economic/commercial development efforts, such as the recent streetscaping of Cortelyou Road. They also administer several message forums, extending our physical neighborhoods to online communities.


Flatbush Development Corporation

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Janet S Gardens in MT too said...

So, I have nothing to say about your executive director, I just happened to see this posting (another connection from a knitting blog. hmm) and thought you and your readers might be interested in this:


It is about raising your own food in an urban landscape setting. Of course, you can probably raise 'bout anything in pasadena...