This is why I don't cut everything to the ground in the fall. This is a non-heirloom grass in my front yard garden.

Update 09:00: My waking estimate of 3" was conservative. After shoveling my steps, walkway and 250 square feet of sidewalk, I think we already have 5 inches on the ground.

More of the front yard:




And the backyard:


This is the Gardener's Nook in the corner. You can see the Winterberry in the container still has lots of berries on it.



This is the view from the second floor tree fort. This is a lot more open than in past years. Over the winter, our next-door neighbor had to take down their old maple in the middle of their backyard, and the apple tree which reached over the fence. Sad, but necessary.


Woke up this morning to find everything covered with a couple inches of snow.

And it's still falling. I'll try to get some pictures.

The National Weather Service is calling for 1-3 inches for my area. Yet they also have a winter storm warning in effect predicting 5-7 inches. Local news services are estimating 5 inches total, which seems more likely. It looks like we already have 3 inches on the ground.

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My Flickr photo set of this morning's snow


GardenJoy4Me said...

Really pretty pictures (you have to suffer through snow to appreciate it ! LOL).. love the structures of the outdoor furniture and the plants !

Weeping Sore said...

Howdy. I've been meaning to tell you I put your "Ad-Free Blog" badge on my blog. I tend to mistrust garden blogs that pitch the bloggers' books et. al.

Rejin L said...

Hi Xris, Great photos. Your garden is lovely, even under all the snow.
I tagged you for an Archive meme. Feel free to ignore it if you don't do this kind of thing. Otherwise, you'll find the rules at my place.

delilah said...

So sorry to hear about Spot! It is so sad and all you can relly do is make them as comfortable and happy as possible... I think I do prefer to know it's coming than be shocked one day...
Take care and happy, happy gardening! Thanks for the link to CC - he is quite close! Best, Katie

chuck b. said...

Yakety-yak, don't cut back! Cutting back is for suburbanites. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow...