Be Green Organic Yards NY

The New York Sate Department of Environmental Conservation announced a new initiative to encourage the use of sustainable gardening and yard care practices.

Be Green(sm) Organic Yards NY will provide training and licensing. Businesses complying with their practices will be able to display the Be Green logo. DEC is also enlisting course providers to deliver the training.

I hope their program includes eliminating leaf-blowers.

From the July 2010 issue of NYS DEC's online magazine, Environment DEC:

DEC'S "Be Green" Initiative Taps into Organic Yard Care

Having a truly "green" lawn will get easier with the help of "Be Green Organic Yards NY," a new initiative recently announced by Commissioner Pete Grannis of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Homeowners and business owners in many areas of the country are choosing organic yard-care management, which can range from a simple regimen of planting and pruning to the "big picture," including plant selection and soil structure. The organic approach focuses on preventing problems before they occur and building a sustainable, healthy landscape. The goal of "Be Green" is to help create an organically managed environment for people, pets, wildlife and plants.

With Be Green Organic Yards NY, DEC offers a way for consumers and organic-yard businesses and course providers to participate in a "green" yard management initiative. When businesses provide Be Green services to manage lawns, plants and trees organically, they agree to meet DEC's Be Green conditions. The conditions include prohibitions against certain pest management practices, such as the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
How "Be Green Organic Yards NY" Works

In the first phase of the Be Green initiative, DEC encourages organizations that provide organic-yard management training to offer courses needed by companies interested in becoming Be Green businesses. The next steps in the initiative will unfold this year for businesses and consumers. Here's how the Be Green Program will work:
  • Qualified course providers will sign up to participate in the new program and begin offering training needed by future Be Green businesses. Course providers will enter a license agreement to use the special state Be Green service mark (logo) in advertising this training.
  • Successfully trained businesses will be eligible to sign an agreement with DEC for the right to use the special logo. In return, they will agree to avoid using synthetic pesticides and other prohibited materials when providing Be Green services.
  • When the program is fully operating, consumers will be able to search DEC's website for Be Green businesses in their area. DEC expects to have listings available in the fall. Consumers will be able to recognize Be Green businesses by the special state logo which may be included in their advertising. Representatives of businesses that provide Be Green services will carry Be Green identification cards.


DEC'S "Be Green" Initiative Taps into Organic Yard Care
Be Green(sm) Organic Yards NY, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation:

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