35 North Pearl Street

Part of Garden Bloggers Buffa10, Buffalo, NY, July 2010

Red Monarda, Beebalm, against a turquoise blue door in the backyard of 35 North Pearl Street in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood.
Red Monarda, Blue Door

This is one of the first gardens I saw in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo the afternoon of Thursday, July 8. Perhaps because it was first, it got extra attention. Nevertheless, I think you'll agree it was worthy of it.

A simple design made practical use of a small, urban backyard. The hub and spoke design creates multiple focal points: a fountain, a chair, and the blue door. This is an important design strategy for making a small space seem bigger, part of our conversation on the "short bus" one afternoon. At the same time, it grants reliable access to most of the flowers beds for maintenance. A strong design like this works even - especially - when flowers are past and leaves are gone. And Buffalo's notorious snows would highlight it further, when it's not completely buried.
Path to Nowhere


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Garden Bloggers Buffa10, Buffalo, NY, July 2010


meemsnyc said...

What a pretty garden! Love the blue door!

flower delivery in the philippines said...

Pretty flower. Wish I can also visit that garden some other time. Thanks for sharing.


commonweeder said...

I learned so much from you on the Buffalo extravaganza. You were so generous with all your expertise - and you certainly continued in this post - and so succinctly. Thank you.

monarda said...

Exquisite and inspiring. What is the clematis, I wonder? Odoriba?

EAL said...

I have seen so many images of their door. I hope they are looking at all these posts--they will be thrilled.

susan harris said...

More great stuff from you? keep it coming - I always learn from your photography, or at least try.

Also great seeing you during Buffa10. Hope to visit you in B'lyn soon. You're a gem!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Great photos! I love that water feature!