Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

2010-07-19: Added foliage section.

Part of Garden Bloggers Buffa10, Buffalo, NY, July 2010

Echeveria setosa, Mexican Fire Cracker, in the Desert House of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Echeveria setosa, Mexican Fire Cracker

What a treasure these conservatories must be during Buffalo's winters. Or on a rainy day like we had Friday. But we visited Saturday, with beautiful, if uncharacteristically warm, weather.

The perennial and shrub gardens outside were also beautiful. We didn't have time to visit the arboretum.


SambucusSweet Potato VinesFrondAgaveBuffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, Buffalo, NYBarrel CactusHosta 'Sum and Substance'Begonia 'Soli Mutata'AmsoniaTaxodium distichum, Bald CypressFern frondMicrosorum musifolium, Alligator FernEpiphytic BromeliadsCalathea 'Silhouette'



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Garden Bloggers Buffa10, Buffalo, NY, July 2010
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Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens


Unknown said...

Love the photos, Xris. That fuzzy echeveria is as happy as I've ever seen one in the north, that's for sure! And it seems like I'm not the only person who is fascinated by budded hostas... I think I prefer them to the flowers, even.

Dee Nash said...

I am in love with those shelves, and those knobs are fantastico! I am also a big fan of Purdy.~~Dee

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

BG: Thanks! The desert house was really something. I've got lots more photos to upload from this stop alone.

Wait until you see the photos from the home gardens of Mike Shadrack, Hosta madman. He must have thousands of them, strewn across acres.

Dee: Which shelves?

Layanee said...

I can also imagine the hot houses with snow enveloping the exterior of the conservatory. In summer, it had a different but wonderful magic all it's own and you captured it.