Kensington Blogade

2008.03.17: Added more links to posts from other attendees.

The Kensington Blogade
Kensington Blogade

I'm overextended. Too many pokers in the fire. Wearing too many hats. No room for another pig in the sty. (I just made that one up. Blog Widow and I like pigs.)

It's going to take me most of the week to catch up with my weekend. Saturday I attended Making Brooklyn Bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And I'm writing a post about that, really I am. But this post is about yesterday's Kensington Blogade.

We pretty much filled the space at the Old Brick Cafe at 507 Church Avenue, between East 5th Street and Ocean Parkway in Kensington. This was the second-closest Blogade for me, about a 10 or 15 minute walk from my home. (The closest was the inaugural event.)

Kensington Blogade

I was glad to see several new-to-the-Blogade bloggers there. Most I had already met virtually, several were also neighbors. At least two were completely new to me.

Joyce Hanson of Bad Girl Blog organized yesterday's event.
Joyce Hanson, Bad Girl Blog

Each host chooses if and how to structure the event. Joyce asked each of us attending to present something we had published on our blog.




Brenda from Flatbush, Crazy Stable/A Year in Prospect Park


Most were readings, but there were also two media presentations, on laptops setup on the bar. My laptop is a heavyweight, or I would have done the same with my photography.


Tom Hart, HutchOwen

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bonnie said...

How was the burek?

Anonymous said...

Flatbush Gardner,

Were you in C-Town this afternoon, purchasing a couple items?

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

bonnie: What's a burek? I may have eaten some and not know what it was!

Anon: No. Are you stalking me?!

lesle said...

I just read your February 23 entry about when spot found you.

That white spot on a cat is its angel hair. Myth has it that only with angel hair can a black cat get into heaven.

My belated sympathy, I too have had cats die in my arms, but be assured spot made it into heaven.

bonnie said...

Burek is hot melted goat cheese wrapped up in crispy phyllo dough.

And speaking of good food, I'm SO excited. You people over by Cortelyou been hogging the new joints long enough, about time Newkirk Plaza gets one! Woohoo!

Lisanne McT said...

The burek was excellent!

Xris, It was that pastry looking thing filled with cheese.

bonnie said...

Burek is proof that animals go to heaven. No goats, no burek.

No, seriously, I never bought the animals-don't-have-souls thing. A heaven without them wouldn't be much of a heaven.

Anonymous said...


Re: 3/11 posting

No, I am not stalking you (at least I don't think so). I was in C-Town on that day and saw a face that looked familiar (good w/faces but not names). This man purchased one piece of yuca or yam and one container of whip cream. The face was familiar, but just unable to recall from where. About an hour later I thought I may have seen his face on a picture posted on one of the D.P. related blogs.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...


(I shudder to think what he might have wanted with a yam and whipped cream ...)