It Begins

Update, 2009-12-26: Holiday Lights 2009

The Wizard of Slocum Place does it again, with help from his next-door neighbor.

284 Stratford Road, Beverley Square West

For best effect, view this photo on a black background.

I took this snapshot last night with my little Nikon P&S while walking home from dinner at Mimi's Hummus on Cortelyou Road with Blog Widow. Tonight's snow will create an ideal wintery photo-op.


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Les said...

I love that there is a Star of David on the house next door.

Eloise said...

Obviously they are not worried about the electric bill

Cindy said...

Great lights and photo. Thanks for visiting my blog

Bren Haas said...

WOW... WOW.. WOW! Thanks for sharing!