My Plant Giveaway

2013-04-30 UPDATE: Full house! Sorry, but the response was enthusiastic. I already have all my availability booked for this weekend. If I have any time on subsequent weekends, I will post another update here.

I'm reorganizing some of my planting areas this Spring. I have many overgrown perennials taking up too much space in my garden. I would love to share them with you.

I'll be working in the garden this weekend, weather permitting, from Saturday May 4 about 12 noon on, and Sunday May 5. I'm on Stratford Road in Beverley Square West (between Cortelyou and
Beverly Roads). Email me at xr...@gmail.com to set a time to stop by and we'll dig the plants fresh out of the ground for you.

If you don't know what will grow, tell me what you have to garden in and I'll give you something that will grow well for you. I have plants for sun, shade, or anything in between:
  • Corydalis cheilanthifolia (ferny foliage, yellow flowers, blooming now)
  • Hemerocallis, Daylilies (mostly the common orange H. fulva, but also some fragrant yellow ones)
  • Iris siberica, Siberian Iris
  • Bearded Iris, Purple-flowering, smell like grape jelly
  • Hosta (plain green leaves, purple flowers)
I also have some native plants - my specialty - that have thrived enough for me to be able to give some away.
  • Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger
  • Helianthus, tall perennial sunflowers, including H. tuberosa, Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Onoclea sensibilis, Sensitive Fern
  • Phlox stolonifera, Creeping Phlox
  • Pycnanthemum, Mountain-Mint, a great pollinator plant
  • Viola, violets, both purple- and white-flowering
... and maybe others if we hunt around the grounds.

All of these are "outdoor" plants. They need the cold of Winter to rest each year. Some of them can be grown in containers; you don't need to have ground to garden!

Happy Gardening!


giner said...

Thank you so much for sharing these beauties, Chris! You introduced me to some new plants, and one of the school gardens at my son's school is going to be even more varied now.

So enjoyed seeing your garden, and your descriptions of how these plants smell--so amazing!

giner said...
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