Excitement mounts for BBG's Titan arum, or "Baby got back!"

"Baby" as s/he appeared on BBG's Titan Web Cam at 14:44 EDT, August 11, 2006, surrounded by her/his adoring fans.

The changes over the past two days have been dramatic indeed. Baby gets closer and closer to peak bloom.

The excitement is also peaking. There are many more visitors than there were on Wednesday, probably largely because of all the publicity in the press yesterday. Also, BBG's Web site is straining under the load of visits. There have been many times today I've been unable to get the Titan pages, especially the Web cam page, to load. The link from the title above will take you to BBG's Titan home page. If that fails, try their regular home page at bbg.org and link from there.

I didn't get there this morning. I'll be stopping there on the way home from work today, between the hours of 4-6pm. From the smiling faces in the greenhouse, I don't think the smell has started yet.

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Carol said...

How exciting for you to see this in person! It is a once in a lifetime horticultural event. Thanks for all the posts. I did try their website and had problems, so I'll have to keep up via your bog.