Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Lincoln Park, Chicago

A masterpiece of Prairie School landscape architecture.

Originally built in 1889 for raising tropical water lilies, the Lily Pool was redesigned in the prairie style during the 1930’s by Alfred Caldwell. The landscape design of the Caldwell Lily Pool is a tribute to the natural ecology of the Midwest. It was originally designed to mimic a river formed by a melting glacier’s flow of water cutting through limestone. The stonework and paths have a natural look that conveys the interpretation that melted glacial water flows are cutting through moraines, creating dramatic limestone bluffs. A waterfall near the north end of the lily pool represents the source of this glacial river.
- Lincoln Park Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
After decades of disrepair and neglect, this site was rehabilitated and refurbished in 2001 and 2002 and reopened to the public.


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Lincoln Park Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool


Golbach said...

HE SAID: We're home on the deck enjoying a reviving cup of coffee and your lovely photos. I'm guessing you're as happy as we are to be home. It was a great weekend, but a bit exhausting - lots to think about! Enjoyed meeting you and let me know if you find any more movies the likes of "Lars."

peacesojourner said...

Nice pics - thank you for sharing. I felt as if I were there in person.

beckie said...

I missed this one as I opted for the butterfly house. Thank you for sharing the delightful photos. Wasn't it a grand weekend!!? Great to meet you.

Gail said...

Xris, I so enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your sharing blogging information with us...I could have stayed talking even longer, except for the need to fall head first into bed! What a fun packed weekend. I missed the Lily Garden...so your beautiful photos helped me imagine I was there! Btw, your photos are stellar! I'm going to have to come back here and explore more! gail

Pam/Digging said...

This was a hidden gem, and I would have missed it if Diana hadn't really wanted to find it. Thank goodness!

It was great meeting you in person and talking into the evenings about blogging. I'm enjoying your photos, and soon I must get to work on my own. I took so many!

EAL said...

Great shots! Love the little chipmunk and you really captured the gates.