The Osborne Garden

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The Osborne Garden of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, with the Brooklyn Museum as a backdrop, yesterday afternoon.
Osborne Garden

As befits a formal garden, the plant palette of the Osborne Garden - the grand entrance to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from Eastern Parkway - is somewhat restricted. The main body of the design is a large rectangular lawn, flanked by symmetrical ranks of azaleas, crabapples, and Wisteria arbors. But who's complaining.

The symmetry is obvious as one enters the garden from Eastern Parkway. But that symmetry is deceptive. There are decidedly different experiences of entering into the garden when one goes to the left or, as I prefer, to the right. There's a progressive sense of enclosure, in part because of the rock wall and the rise of Mount Prospect Park. And the light is decidedly different, more sheltered and shadowed, on the right-hand, western path.

Osborne Garden

Osborne Garden

Osborne Garden

Osborne Garden

With its rock wall and bedding displays, the western path also offers more horticultural variety.

Pseudofumaria lutea


And best of all, it leads to the shade garden. The azaleas of the Osborne Garden hint at the explosion of Rhododendron in bloom throughout the Garden right now.

Shade Garden

Shade Garden

And just to the left of that border is the secondary entrance to the Native Flora Garden, of which I'll have photos tomorrow.


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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thank you for these photos. The greens are amazing.

That first photo is especially stunning.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Thanks! This is the best time of year for this garden. It's hard to take a bad shot.

I used the opening shot because it's also my favorite of this set. The Museum plays the role of a "garden folly" in this setting!

Karen said...

Beautiful! I hope I didn't completely miss the Wisteria...