Garden Diary, May 12-14, 2006

[Transcribed from notebook. Summary of gardening work done over a long weekend.]
  • Dug bed in backyard to left of maple, along wooden fence. Worked in coir/cocoa fiber, HollyTone, Hydrogel. X-planted Royal Fern + Ostrich Fern.
  • TODO: X-Plant [to this same area under the maple]:
    • Iris cristata
    • Dryopteris marginalis
    • Phlox stolonifera
  • Planted Old House Gardens Dahlia "Union Jack" & Tuberose in Guy Wolff pots purchased last year.
  • X-planted from front yard to South border:
    • Campanula
    • Coreopsis
  • X-planted from pots to South border:
    • Jerusalem artichoke
    • Iris sibirica
    • Baptisia?
  • Planted seeds in South border:
    • Nicotiana (various)
    • Clary Sage
  • Planted in vine bed:
    • Moonvine (last weekend)
    • Scarlet runner bean

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