Web Resource: Invasive Species Weblog

Long-running, encyclopedic web log, with global coverage of invasive plants and animals:
... I started the ISW in April of 2002, with two goals in mind: 1) Find a way to keep up with current events and 2) Find a way to keep up with current internet trends. With a public record of my efforts, I have found that I am less likely to "slack off" and stop keeping an eye out for important invasive species issues.
As of January 2004, the ISW has over 600 entries, covering a full range of topics, from legal issues, to early detection warnings, to the use of invasive species in marketable products. ...
Jennifer Forman Orth, "About the Invasive Species Weblog", http://www.knottybits.com/isw/AboutTheISW.html

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