Dicentra eximia, Eastern Bleeding-heart

Dicentra eximia, Wild Bleeding-heart, Eastern Bleeding-heart, in the Native Flora Garden of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Dicentra eximia, Bleeding-Heart, Native Flora Garden, BBG

I first grew this plant in Garden #1 in the East Village. It was extremely long-blooming, blooming for months in the partial shade of the widlflower garden there. It forms a large clump over time. The ferny foliage is very effective and interesting when the plant is not in bloom.

This plant is probably NOT native to New York City. The NYFA Atlas notes:
The native status of this plant is questionable. It is clearly planted and escaping in various areas. Some of the populations on Staten Island, and possibly elsewhere in southeastern New York, appear in "natural" areas. These may represent native populations, or they may be escapes from nearby residential developments.


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NYFA Atlas: Plant ID 1531
USDA PLANTS Database: Symbol DIEX

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Lefty said...

Great blog idea. I live in the far West of the U.S., and gardening with our natives is one of my hobbies. I've often thought of blogging about that, or, more specifically, about our native oaks.

Maybe I will, now that I've seen it can be done. And in Brooklyn!