I feel so dirty just reading the headline


That's how the NY Post - renowned for its lurid, sensationalizing headlines - announced the anticipated emergence of Brood XIV.

The content of the article was considerably more sedate and on-point:
After living six inches underground since 1991, millions are about to come to the surface across the Northeast: The males will sing their distinctive song, the females will swoon, and then they will mate and die.
This particular brood stretches from Georgia to Massachusetts. Locally, they are concentrated on Long Island, although some might remain in Brooklyn and Queens.
There have been strong, localized emergences east of us on Long Island, in Suffolk County. Unfortunately, there's been no signs of Brood XIV in Brooklyn or Queens. The sole Brooklyn report, from Bay Ridge, has not been substantiated and is likely a false report. I'm afraid Brood XIV may be extirpated - locally extinct - from New York City.

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CITY'S GIANT INSECT ORGY, by Jeremy Olshan, NY Post, June 5, 2008

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