Circus of the Spineless #33

Colletes thoracicus (Colletidae), Cellophane Bee
Colletes thoracicus (Colletidae), Cellophane Bee

Circus of the Spineless #33 (COTS 33) is up on Seeds Aside.

I submitted my post and photographs of Cellophane Bees from last weekend. This is only my second contribution to COTS. My first was two years ago, in COTS #10.

I thought of sending in my post about Magicicada, but since I haven't actually encountered any, it seemed premature.

The next edition, COTS #34, will be posted at Gossamer Tapestry. Send your submissions to Doug: dtaron(at)gmail.com before June, 29.

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Circus of the Spineless #33, Seeds Aside
Circus of the Spineless

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