Eristalis transversa, Transverse Flower Fly

This beautiful creature is not a bee. It's a fly of the Syrphidae, a family of flies renowned for bee mimics. This is Eristalis transversa, Transverse Flower Fly. I had noticed it in my garden for the first time this summer. yesterday was the first chance I had to capture some photos of it. Consider this a belated Garden Blogging Bloom Day post, but with a native pollinator as the focal point.

Eristalis transversa, Transverse Flower Fly

Eristalis transversa, Transverse Flower Fly

The flower it's visiting is Aster novae-angliae 'Chilly Winds', a selection of the native New England Aster from Seneca Hills Perennials in upstate New York. This plant has been a pollinator magnet in my backyard native plant garden for weeks. It's massive and overgrown and poorly placed, crowding out everything else around it. I'll have to find it another place for next year.


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Anonymous said...

Cool vid Xris.

I had so many bee mimics in the garden this year that I did a post on them for my Chicago Garden blog in the hopes that there were other Chicagoans who read that were confusing them with bees.

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Thanks! I saw your post. I recognized Eristalis among your finds, too.