Event, June 24: Brooklyn Blogade Roadshow

Brooklyn Blogade Flatbush Flyer (Tall & Large)

Update, 2007.06.14: Adrian Kinloch, Brit in Brooklyn, came up with these terrific flyers and banners to promote this event.

Vox Pop, al fresco
Vox Pop Al Fresco

Following the successful Brooklyn Blogfest in May, the Brooklyn Blogade is taking it on the road to different Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The inaugural event is Sunday, June 24, 2-5pm. Join us at Vox Pop, 1022 Cortelyou Road, at the corner of Stratford Road (East 11th Street).

If you want to attend please send an email to blogade.rsvp@gmail.com. We'll email you an invitation. We will not use your email address for any purpose except for sending invitations and notifications relevant to Brooklyn Blogade. It will not be shared with anyone else for any reason.

Please RSVP with the following information:
- Your handle or nickname
- Your name (optional)
- If you have a blog or Web site, its URL
- If you live or work in Brooklyn, the neighborhood (eg: Flatbush) or
zip code (eg: 11218)

2pm: Signup/registration opens
2:30-3pm: Welcome, neighborhood orientation, and local blogger shout-out
3-5pm: The mingling and socializing continues

Vox Pop is offering food and drink specials for this event:
- $1 off veggie and turkey burgers
- $1 off pitchers of beer (Dogfish Head Craft Ale now on tap!)
You can also checkout their full food menu and micro-brew on tap.

DIRECTIONS BY SUBWAY: Take the Q Train to Cortelyou Road. Vox Pop is five blocks West (turn left as you exit the station).

By the way, the above photo was taken during the height of the streetscape work on Cortelyou Road. The back-hoe is gone now. I'll upload a more flattering view.


bonnie said...

Hey, it's my favorite neighborhood leftist/communist/socialist coffee shop! Connecticut Muffin, Connecticut Shmuffin!

Xris said...

Hey, bonnie! I'm a frogma fan. Been watching your garden progress on your blog.

Hope you can make this event.

bonnie said...

Thanks! Yep, the gardening has been an interesting experiment. I'm not as bad as I've made myself out to be, there are actually things (other than weeds) growing!

I can't make it 'cause I'm going to be learning to sail LITTLE boats that weekend - but I'll definitely keep an eye out here for other events.

btw if you or any Flatbush readers are an Irish music fan, there's gonna be some good tunes played at Vox Pop tonight (Wednesday)- my friends John & Arbo have been playing there. Don't know if I'm going to make it tonight but figured I'd put in a plug for 'em!

A Kinloch said...

Great work getting this together AND those beer and food discounts. Looking forward to it!

Joyce Hanson said...

Hey, glad to find your blog. My Carroll Gardens friend Lisanne just sent me the Blogfest link. I'm Joyce, I'm an avid blogger and Kensington gardener, where I'm on the gardening committee at my coop on East 8th Street. This weekend, we're planting flowers, some from seed. Sorry I can't come to Vox Pop--will be out of town--but keep me posted on other events!

Joseph Ferrara. Sellsius said...

Sounds like fun. Ill be there. I emailed.