New Web Resource: Global Restoration Network (GRN)

Today the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) announced the launch of a new Web resource, the Global Restoration Network (GRN):
A unique industry resource, the interactive website is rich with data, information, expertise and the latest techniques and innovations in restoration. Freely accessible to anyone in the world who has an Internet connection, users can now find the exact information they need to research, implement and improve their ecological restoration projects in three clicks or less.
- SER Press Release
This will be bear watching to see how objective it is. One of their funding sources is Chevron.
The Global Restoration Network (GRN) - a project of the Society for Ecological Restoration International - offers the field of ecological restoration a new database and web-based portal to trustworthy and hard-to-find information on all aspects of restoration, from historic ecosystems and recent causes of degradation to in-depth case studies and proven restoration techniques. The overriding mission of the GRN is to link restoration projects, research, and practitioners in order to foster the creative exchange of experience, vision and expertise.

The field of ecological restoration is currently experiencing an explosion of ideas and practices as the number of experts and practitioners increases, and more and more restoration projects are being undertaken around the world. And now that the field has been established, there is great need for a single, comprehensive source of information for governments, individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations on the current state of degradation and the best restorative practices.

The GRN is fast becoming the central hub for ecological restoration - a vital resource for policymakers, professionals and community stakeholders alike: whether researching options for ecosystem restoration, writing a project proposal, or looking for educational programs and funding. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the GRN is the innovative Database where you can make a specific query and find restoration case studies and annotated links to a wide variety of relevant resources including experts, organizations and literature.
- GRN Home Page


lisa said...

Sounds good in theory...but I agree with you-sponsorship may dictate agenda and results in the end. Makes sense that oil companies would stuff some scientists in their pockets to convince the public they are "eco-friendly".

Ki said...

Interesting how all these exploiters of natural resources are jumping on the eco bandwagon. Look at the ads for BP.

MK LeFevour said...

As the executive director of the SER International that publishes the GRN, I just wanted to say that in no way does Chevron (or any other sponsor) dictate how the GRN is designed or what it links to. Our vision of the GRN is a neutral portal that connects practitioners to all resources in the field.

The benefit of Sponsorship is simply having a logo on the GRN that links to the Sponsor website. No Sponsor has ever asked for more.

In this world where we are all vying for money to do our good work, Sponsorships make it possible for us to keep this vital resource free to anyone with internet access.