Resource: Center for Urban Forest Research

Another resource I just discovered, the Center for Urban Forest Research (CUFR) is a project of the Pacific Southwest Research Station of the USDA Forest Service. Although based in California, CUFR's research and products are applicable to most urbanized environments.
Our research demonstrates new ways in which trees add value to communities. We convert our results into real dollars and cents in order to stimulate more investment in trees. Using our research results, we create new methods and strategies for managing and caring for community forests to help managers optimize the benefits and investment value of their community forest.
- Our Research, CUFR
Most of our research falls into five major categories: Benefits and Costs, Energy Conservation, Air Quality, Water Resources, and Fire. However, we are not limited to those five categories. Additional research focuses on Urban Forest Policy and Management, Tree Stewardship, Biometrics, Infrastructure Conflicts, and Urban-Wildland Interface.


Center for Urban Forest Research
Pacific Southwest Research Station
USDA Forest Service

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