The Daffodil Project on Cortelyou Road

Many hands make light work
Today we planted the last of 1,000 Daffodils and 400 Crocus along Cortelyou Road. Over two weekends, we covered every block from the Q subway stop to Coney Island Avenue. We were able to plant all but one of the new tree pits, running out of bulbs before the last one.

Observe: Experts at work

This weekend's volunteers included:
  • Aowyn
  • Barzeli
  • Mela
  • Jan A.
  • Jan R.
  • John
  • Linda
  • Matt
  • Ronan
  • Sally
  • Susan
I know I've left out at least one name. If I've omitted or misspelled your name, please let me know.

Cortelyou Gothic

And again this weekend, this was an opportunity or me to meet neighbors for the first time. The flowers may bloom next Spring, and they may multiply over the years. The sustained consequences of the Daffodil Project are the communities it helps to build.

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The Daffodil Project


Peregrine said...

Thanks, Chris, for bringing the tools, donating the crocuses’ and being the organizer who kept the project moving forward. We can all look forward to some color and reward for our work next spring.
Also the connection to the "Daffodil Project" which you have provided a link makes our project not just a wonderful community project, which it is, but part of a city wide remembrance of 9/11.

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Thanks, Peregrine. And thanks to the folks who got this started: Stacey Bell, Jan Rosenberg, and others. It was not on my radar until Stacey contacted me at the beginning of October.

We're collecting ideas for what else to plant in the Spring.

I just updated the post with a link to my post from last fall, which has more info and links on the Daffodil Project.

bonnie said...

Thanks for the bittersweet update.

And I'm SORRY I missed the daffodil planting - would've been a fun way to meet some neighbors. Unfortunately I read it Sunday around noon.

Went out to Sebago & cleared out my little bed out there instead. Seemed like time. Left a couple of things in that haven't quite given up the ghost but everything else is gone.

Would love to read more about your raccoons on the 2nd floor. That's just scary. How did you manage to evict it?

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Bonnie: Someday our paths will finally cross!

I'll be hosting a meeting of the "Gardening" committee for Sustainable Flatbush in two weeks. You're welcome to participate in that meeting. We'll be generating ideas for things to do in the area.