Meta: Blog Care & Feeding

I'm home sick today, and it's cold out, an opportunity to do some blog maintenance, dust off a draft or two, catch up on some of the huge backlog of blog reading.


I've been working on re-organizing the sidebar. The newest addition is a section titled "Links > Flatbush & Neighbors." For the first time, there are enough blogs and other online resources in my area to warrant its own section; four of the blogs listed there are new in the past few months. I don't want my list for local resources to get lost in the It's "and neighbors" because I want to recognize the connections, geographical, political, and otherwise, we share.

Blogger recently added a "Link List" widget to their layout tools. It's pretty basic, but it captures most of what I've had since the beginning in the larger, longer "Links" section of the sidebar. It can be kept sorted alphabetically, and I can have multiple sections for each group of links. So I'm gradually migrating from my old, manually-edited raw HTML links to the Blogger widget.

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