Good Place for a Haunting Landmarked

2274 Church Avenue, Flatbush, Brooklyn
2274 Church Avenue

Remember me? I'm now a landmark:
A former public school in Flatbush has been approved for designation as an individual landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. At its meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 20, the commission voted 8-0-0 to approve a recommendation by its research department to designate the former Flatbush District No. 1 School, later named PS 90, at the corner of Church and Bedford avenues and adjacent to Erasmus Hall High School.
- Landmarks Commission Designates Former PS 90 in Flatbush, Linda Collins, Brooklyn Eagle, 11/26/2007
Given the condition it's in, I hope this action hasn't come too late to save this building. I bet this would make a terrific community center in an area that's sorely lacking public meeting space.

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[where: 2274 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY]


Brenda from Flatbush said...

Yay! I TOTALLY LOVE this building!!! If only it could be a neighborhood arts center...those big windows would be fantastic pouring light onto a dance studio floor! Alas, like the Loews Kings, I fear it may be too far gone now to get anyone proposing any such noble mission...

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I hope this makes some resources available to restore and preserve it. It needs to be put back into public use, as it's served its whole life.

Anonymous said...

i've lived in flatbush for most of my life and i remember when there used to be a boys club in this building. that said, its a beautiful old building and i hope it will be used for something useful.

KK said...

It needs a bit more than saving since bricks have started to fall from the sides of the roof now since down the street there are building either a car park or apartment building now. A truly remarkable building gone to waste.

Flatbush Gardener said...

KK: That's unfortunate. It was in bad shape even when I took these photos 5-1/2 years ago. It needed emergency work even then.

I had hoped the landmark status would make resources available for its stabilization, at least. I guess that's not going to happen, and we'll lose it.