Fall Color in Beverley Square West

"You know, for a gardening blog, there's not much about gardening ..." - What I imagine you all must be thinking by now.

I've got lots of stuff, honestly. I'm just really back-logged with everything I want to write about. Just not enough hours in the day, especially workdays!
Street tree on Rugby RoadHolding leaves on Rugby Road

But here's a little something: some photos of the developing fall color in my neighborhood, Beverly Square West, one of the neighborhoods of the larger area known as Victorian Flatbush. Yes, this is Brooklyn.

DSC_2911DSC_2912Looking south down Westminster RoadTrees in yard of house on Westminster RoadDogwood in front yard of house on Stratford RoadTrees in yard of House of Westminster Road
Street tree on Westminster RoadHouse on Rugby Road

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Carol Michel said...

It's not AT ALL what I imagined "Brooklyn" to look like. Looks like small town America. Very nice!

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

When you enter Brooklyn from Queens on the highway, there's a sign above the road which reads:

Brooklyn: Believe the Hype!

There's tremendous variety within Brooklyn. There are tall condos and office buildings, brownstones and small shops, and detached homes like our house and neighborhood. Each neighborhood - even some individual blocks - is like its own town.