Cinder Block & Razor Wire: Opening Day at Gowanus Nursery in Red Hook

Signage, Gowanus Nursery
It was a beautiful day to visit Gowanus Nursery. I bought six plants, just enough to fill the two shopping bags I brought. They threw me off when they gave me an extra Columbine, a survivor from their old location which they were giving to customers today to celebrate their re-opening. They also had some beautiful pre-planted trough gardens. If I'd had personal transportation I would have given them more attention.

This space is on a much wider lot than their old 3rd street location, better suited to wandering amongst the generous displays of plants. They have lots of elbow room to bring in more plants, and spread out their stock as it gets larger during the season. Construction of shelters and other structures was still going on when I visited. Will be interesting to see when everything's put together.

Many more photos below. Or visit the Flickr set.

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Flickr photo set of opening day


Anonymous said...

they still just as rude?

Xris said...

They were busy on opening day. Despite that, they took the time to hunt down and find an unusual vine (Aristolochia) I was looking for. I've never found them rude. Sorry you've had bad experiences with them.

Carolyn said...

Good to know about this place.