Gardeners for Recovery is on its way!

[Update 2007.11.20: Added clarification that cobblestones will not be marked.]

Cobblestones, Van Dyke Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn
Cobblestones, Van Dyke Street

The Gardeners for Recovery Cobblestone Campaign has received its first contribution. The fund now stands at $100, one-fifth of the minimum amount needed for a cobblestone, and one-tenth of the way toward the goal of $1,000. See the thermometer at the top of the sidebar.

Gardeners for Recovery is a Cobblestone Campaign for the National September 11 Memorial at the World Trade Center. Gardeners for Recovery recognize the importance of gardens and gardening for individual, community, and global healing and recovery.

The contribution was in the amount of $50. I matched it, to bring us to $100. I will match the first $500 contributed, to bring us to the goal of $1,000.

Out of respect for the victims of September 11, cobblestones will not be inscribed with donor names or any other markings. When the Memorial is completed, we will be able to identify the exact location of our cobblestone by using a kiosk on the Memorial Plaza.

If you would like to make a contribution, please visit the Gardeners for Recovery Cobblestone Campaign home page, then click the DONATE NOW button. This lets you contribute online, anonymously and securely, using a major credit card. If the National Tour visits your city or town, you can also contribute there; just let them know you're contributing to the Gardeners for Recovery Cobblestone Campaign, so I can match it.

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