Deadline, April 13: The 2008 Mouse & Trowel Awards

Berberis canadensis, American barberry, Bonsai at the North Carolina Arboretum.
Berberis canadensis, American barberry, Bonsai

I know that my photographs are the single most popular feature of this blog. My Flickr site gets even more traffic than this blog.

If you enjoy my photography here, or on Flickr, please consider nominating this blog for the "Best Photography" category of the 2008 Mouse & Trowel Awards:
The Mouse & Trowel Awards were created by freelance writer and garden blogger Colleen Vanderlinden to honor and reward excellence in online gardening. Awards for a variety of blog and website categories, as well as podcasting awards, are awarded every May after nomination and voting phases.

Quickly dubbed “the Mousies” by the garden blogging community, the Mouse & Trowel Awards earned a fair share of acclaim in 2007, with multiple write-ups in the Detroit Free Press, on several websites and blogs, and mentions on garden-related podcasts.
- About the Mouse & Trowel Awards
Nominations are by the public: YOU. Nominations are open JUST THREE MORE DAYS, through April 13. You can nominate up to three sites for each category.

Here are all the categories:
  • Blogs:
    • Best Writing
    • Best Photography
    • Best Design
    • Most Innovative
    • Blogger You’d Most Like as a Neighbor
    • Best Gardening Podcast
    • Best North American Blog
    • Best International Blog
    • Best New Blog
    • Post of the Year
    • Garden Blog of the Year
  • Web Sites:
    • Best Forums
    • Gardening Web Site of the Year


Nomination form, 2008 Mouse & Trowel Awards


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Well, just for the record... I love the photos, but I enjoy the heck out of your writing, too. Even when it makes me feel a little raw.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

bsg: Thank you. It was hard for me to ask folks for this. I'm not as confident about my writing.