Photoblog Tribute to Brooklyn

A highlight for me at last night's Blogfest was the chance to see some of my photos on "the big screen." This video was produced by Morgan Pehme, Brooklyn Optimist, compiled from submissions from several of Brooklyn's "photobloggers." Six of my photos appear from 1:40 to 1:59 in the video.

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My Best of Brooklyn photo set from which I selected my submission for the video.


Watch the video on YouTube. Select "High quality" and full-screen for best effect.

Here are all the photographers, listed in the order in which they appear in the video.
Tracy Collins
Sharon Kwik
Frank Jump
Kevin Walsh
Hugh Crawford
Joseph Holmes
Lara Wechsler
Will Femia
Heather Letzkus
Robin Lester
Dalton Rooney
Tom Giebel
Adrian Kinloch

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