Gardening Resources, Cornell University

Cornell University is the Land-Grant University for New York state. They operate New York state's Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural and Life Sciences. They also operate the state's Cooperative Extension, including their NYC office.

Still, resources for home gardeners are hard to come by. Most of the information available through Cooperative Extensions focuses on issues and practices with economic importance. Cornell has addressed this with a Web portal for Gardening Resources.

Most, but not all, of the links on the portal home page lead to other pages on Cornell's Gardening or their school of Horticulture. A Web portal consolidates information and arranges it by theme regardless of its location or origins. This is especially helpful when the information has been developed independently over time. For example, on the sidebar of Cornell's Gardening Resources home page is a link to their Allstar Groundcovers section. The URL for the groundcovers section places it under Cornell's Entomology department, not the first place I would look for information about groundcovers.


Here are a couple more examples of information available through Cornell's Gardening Resources portal:

Cornell University Links

Gardening Resources Portal
Department of Horticulture

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