Sunset Park Garden Club Needs YOU!

Uncle Sunflower Needs YOU!

Volunteers tend several gardens within Sunset Park. They need your help. The Chinese Garden was vandalized a few weeks ago:
There is now no sign of what was once a ceramic pagoda, a bridge, and a swimming dragon. The sparkling stream (created with glass beads) still exists, but many of the beads have been extracted. Apparently, some person (or persons) who dislike all things Asian-inspired felt it necessary to use a large boulder within the Chinese Garden to smash the decorations to pieces over two or three days. The items had been bought with a grant given to the Club.

Other difficulties the garden, which sits close to the 6th Avenue and 44th Street entrance, has experienced include plants stolen, a wonderful tree forcibly removed, and parents allowing children to romp about within the confines of the garden.
- Sunset Park Garden Club is looking for members, Best View in Brooklyn

And they need volunteers for ongoing weeding, planting and other maintenance of the multiple gardens in Sunset Park.

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On Saturday, members of the SPGC weeded, cleaned up, and replanted many plants. On Sunday, another member was continuing with the planting and spoke about replacing some of the glass beads in the stream. The lovely garden at the 7th Avenue and 41st Street entrance looks wild and wonderful, and it will also be tended to for weeding and cleaning. Eager and willing hands are always needed to continue the efforts. There are several areas of the park that are nurtured and cared for by the Club. No experience is necessary!

Contact information is available at Best View in Brooklyn.


Sunset Park Garden Club is looking for members, Best View in Brooklyn
Sunset Park, NYC Parks & Recreation


BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks for the publicity!

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

You're welcome! Hope this brings you some readers.

I look forward to when I can visit the gardens.