The Brooklyn Blogfest 2008

My view of last night's Blogfest attendees when I took the stage to talk about the Brooklyn Blogade.
View from the stage

Last night I attended the third annual Brooklyn Blogfest. I spoke briefly about the Brooklyn Blogade (about which there will be more in another post later today) at the end of a lineup of illustrious Brooklyn bloggers.

Blogfest Placard

I estimate about 165 people attended. There were 210-220 chairs on the floor of the auditorium; they were mostly filled, but it was not a packed house. I helped collect the donations at the door and kept a tally of everyone who paid; we only had three $0 donations. We had about 130-140 people at the door. That does not include staff, sponsors or media, who comprised an additional 30 or so.

Brooklyn LyceumChairsAssembled

Four Mikes
Four Mikes

Pre-show Briefing
Pre-Show Briefing

I didn't get any shots of the speakers, since I was still busy staffing the table during the event. I got a couple shots of the shout-out, where bloggers get to introduce themselves and their blogs, and the after-show party.

The Shout-out
Blogger Shout-outLine-up for the Shout-out

After-show party
After-show party
After-show Party
After-show Party

Cupcakes from Red Mango Bakery
Detail, Cupcakes

Beers, lots and lots of beers, provided by outside.in

My official "Staff" badge for the event. Anne Pope of Sustainable Flatbush made up all our name tags. Her strategy was to make the name - Xris - larger than the blog name - Flatbush Gardener - so that people would have to actually come up to you to find out what your blog was.

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bonnie said...

Aw shoot. Speaking of pipe dreams about things I thought I might get to do after work this week.

who needs a life anyways...

(nah, it's not that bad, this week was on the calendar as a possible rough one - just though I might to sneak out at a decent hour one night of the five).

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

We made up for it! Great to meet you, and glad you got to see my garden.